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Expectations from youth , the next generation

Our future rests on our next generation i.e. youth. They will only decide the future of our life on Earth what type of life style we want to live and what values we want to nurture. If youth goes to the right direction our future is bright. Whatever problem we are facing today be it of pollution or politics or economic crisis or any other. Youth will have to find out the solution. If our younger generation is serious about solving these problems. I am sure they will find some way out.

For this, youth must have constructive energy. But now a days we find a state of depression and lethargy. They are confused. They have lost their roots. They are living in a dream world . Their activities are limited to mobile and internet. Youth is living within the four walls only and not communicating with society or family.

In this age of consumerism youth is only concerned to his own comforts. As soon as they get a job they try to buy a car, house, all gadgets what not . They do not find pleasure in meeting friends or relatives, they do not believe in sentiments or emotions. They do not have time for celebrating festivals together or help their relatives in the times of distress.

This is absolutely an alarming situation. Our coming generation is growing up in a strange atmosphere. They only respect a person who have lots of wealth or is glamorous. They do not feel that a scientist or a social worker could be their role model.
Behind all these there are many factors. Our families are not playing that role which it used to play. Family entities exist only in lower middle class families. As soon as we are little bit well off , we all are separate entity. Parents do not spend time with their children. People never meet each other, they never think about others. Whereas not only we should have, family bondage we must have spiritual bondage.

Greatest problem in this corporate age that people do not have time. They have all gadgets for their comfort and do not need any one also . We have become servants of gadgets. Previously ladies of the house used to cook food for the entire family. They cooked with affection and that affection made the food tasty. This home cooked food cannot be compared with food of any five star hotels. Every member of the family should eat together but now every one eats separately in his room watching T.V. Every individual is lonely now. That is why cases of suicides are also increasing day by day.

It is not that every thing is bad in this generation. This generation is highly qualified, professional mostly very honest, not emotional fools. They are hard working and intelligent. Driven in the right direction can bring an absolute transformation in the society. They have to have a role model equally strong, equally intelligent like them. School and college environment should be more positive. Teachers have a great role to play in building up our society. Young parents have a greater role to play in building the character of their children. Only we need a positive environment which should be created by Government, administration, non-government organization, good politicians and good spiritual leaders like Swami Vivekananda. Youth is our wealth and we should know to encash them.

Education system in our country is always subject to research. We keep on changing it. Let us sit together and once for all think what is good for our children and implement it. Let it be a man making education. Let our children enjoy their childhood instead of getting into a race of competitions. Every child should have enough education, enough opportunity, enough job,. Let us not have an education system which gives rise to corruption.

Honestly, good values etc must come from top and then it will trickle down to the last person. Our leader should be honest , non corrupt with high values then only we can think of a free society.

Pollution is a very important issue in this regard. I have discussed various types of pollution like air pollution domestic pollution, water pollution, atomic pollution, modern pollution in details. The reason I have done is to present before our next generation a true picture and also tried to give some suggestions and remedies. I have repeatedly said that we are blessed with a natural system which is interdependent and also full proof. My earnest appeal to youth is let us maintain it. Let us not cause any imbalance in it.

It is now time for every young person to work for environment. They can do extensive plantation. Be an agent for change. If they take lead no one in our country can cut forests or pollute river water or pollute air. They can form green clubs and work with full agenda and zeal. Let us start it in school days. It is not at all expensive to do it. If some youth start working like this others will be inspired and join them because good work attracts good people.

They may be small Green Clubs in each colony or mohalla and an apex body at the top which will give direction to railway department , forest department, Corporation, development authorities, schools, colleges, gram panchayat, public gardens, Pasteur lands, open lands and in the banks of old ponds, wells, lakes and also rivers.

Protection of plants and trees is not only a government job, public should participate in not only in tree plantation and protection and also in creating awareness for promotion of green belts. Lessons of environment can be given by anyway and any means. It can start from family only. Children should be brought up in the natural atmosphere of trees and plants. They must learn to love nature. They must walk in open air and play in open ground. They must be taken to good natural spots. We must channelize their energies. They must be encouraged to keep their surroundings neat and clean. They must be alert about their personal hygines.

In this time when joint family is not in existence, parents have to assume this responsibility. Unfortunately parents are so busy that they do not have time for their children. The lessons which we can teach them in small age cannot be taught when they are grown up. Hence right education in the right time is necessary. Children should be friendly with parents showing every bit of their life. Human beings brain is like computer. Whatever we have taught in young age remains saved. Teaching too much of competition, trying to put the other persons in humiliation insulting others is very bad and children very quickly learns these values. Tension, depression, hatred, jealousy these are very bad values. Once picked up it is very difficult to get rid of. Teaching the lessons of love is very important for a child. Because this gives him a positive attitude. Music, gardening are very good hobbies to be inculcated in a child.

Health is very important. Healthy body consists of a healthy mind. Good healthy food, enough outdoor play is must for all children. Pollution free environment is needed for a healthy person. Children should be made aware of the significance of a pollution free environment. Every citizen has the responsibility of passing the lessons of pollution free environment to his or her children and grand children. It is not difficult if we really want to do it. Let us help in saving this generation.

Through this book readers will come to know what they have inherited. I have worked very hard and gone very deep, I have tried to collect pearls and present to my readers. I have realized what is good and what is perpetual and tried to share with my readers. I have kept nature and heritage as the centre point and my earnest expectation to the next generation is “ please save our nature and our heritage.” I have explained in details different type of pollution and some how I am depressed to see what is happening around. If my feelings and realization lights one candle also, I will feel that my labour is not lost. I have analysed tantra and mantra which are very effective. I have underlined the necessity of working for air pollution. It is high time that we find solutions of the global warming problem. I feel that nothing is impossible and we are never late. Let us start working today.

The term “”Prakriti” is explained in many ways. “Pra” means ‘prakrishtha and :kriti” means creation. ‘God’s creation is prakriti. Second explanation is “pra” Satogun “kri” rajogur “ti” tamogun. Balance of these three gunas is prakriti. Nature is spontaneous. It works in its own terms and conditions we have to respects these terms and conditions. We need oxygen to live and oxygen can only be produced by plants and trees. Hence plantation is the only answer to this serious problem. It detoxifies human bodies too.

Let us decide what type of planet Earth we want? What type of life we want to live? Do we want to live an unhealthy life? Live on medicines? Or we want a good life with, abundant natural resources – life full of love and devotion. This is the only lesson nature gives us. Let us listen to it.