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Environmental Clinic

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डॉ. राजेंद्र दुबे

GDP growth of any nation can’t be examined correctly without the proper measurement of the environment condition of that nation. Till now the need for the measurement of the condition of air, soil, water and forest is neither felt by the government authorities nor by political parties.

Though on other hand we not only lack parties dedicated to environmental issues but the parties who took environment in their political agenda fails to follow on this serious issue.

This negligence has not only effected the environment but has also harmed the human being in several ways e.g. due to lack of oxygen minds of many people get disturbed and leads to frustration which eventually effect our social life. In compare to Europe the breathing capacity of Indians is 30% lesser due to high environmental pollution.

You visit doctor on illness due to any environmental issue, doctor will cure you with medicine which left side effects many times, but the root cause will still remain their, that why whole world is running after alternative medical help which is available in more than 140 form. Though if we maintain our environmental health in our surroundings or in the society we can easily improve our mental health and can lead to a healthy and prosperous life.

Also as per WHO, 40% of the diseases occurs due to environmental issues. Diseases can be cured by doctors but the root cause of environmental issues still remains there, here Environmental Clinic comes as an helping hand.

In the adverse condition of pollution, global warming and other serious environmental issues which are fast becoming the root cause of all our problems the ENVIRONMENTAL CLINIC has become essential part of our life.

In our environmental clinic you can talk on any issues like water pollution, chemical pollution, sound pollution, food pollution, air quality or any other environmental issues whether personal , surroundings or of society. Like any other doctor we will provide you the remedy for your environmental issues. Our approach is simple and we provide deep analysed solution as Where, What and How you can make the changes to the problematic area so as to get the best results and fast remedy of your environmental issues.

Our solutions are very simple which doesn’t required much efforts e.g. you can use sunflower or tadpole for window treatment.

We have met many people frustrated of not finding the solutions for their surrounding environmental issues, our Environmental Clinic has arrived as a ray of hope for these people.

We would like to place another example on how our treatment is different, a person came with a complaint that the volume of Led in his soil is very high. We at Environmental Clinic suggested to have sunflower plant with chemical agent ETA in the soil, this way he can reduce the volume of led in the soil.

In our country tension, depression and other mental problems are very normal due to environmental issues, we provide education and counselling on such environmental issues also.

Did you realize that numerous normal afflictions might be followed to substances you are presented to in your regular condition? Thirty years prior, even restorative science was not extensively mindful of the degree nature influenced wellbeing. However, on account of much research and the work of spearheading doctors, specialists now perceive such illnesses as cerebral pains, sinusitis, exhaustion, joint throbs, vein irregularities, asthma and interminable diseases might be caused by ecological variables. The Environmental Health Center-Dallas is one of the most seasoned and most exceptional focuses on the planet tending to wellbeing and sickness as it identifies with the earth. With a staff of more than 70, including doctors, specialists, researchers, nutritionists, and physical advisors, the middle gives full-benefit therapeutic care with an exceptional accentuation on the effect of ecological factors on the human body.

As indicated by Dr. William J. Rea, the specialist who established the Clinic in 1974, different exposures may cause rest unsettling influence, learning issue, vein, colon and bladder aggravation, and additionally a large group of other fiery issues. “The earth” includes the majority of our environment, including all that we inhale, eat, or touch. It comprises of thousands of substances we are presented to every day, except frequently don’t know exist. They are substances like the air-dusts, molds, and creature danders noticeable all around, hardware, floor coverings, cleaning supplies, fragrance and brown haze produces synthetic side-effects.

For those unacquainted with the impacts of the earth on our lives, this procedure can be contrasted with conveying a heap of blocks. Similarly as we may fill our arms with blocks, our bodies are being loaded with an assortment of stressors, including natural, concoction, enthusiastic and physical. For whatever length of time that the measure of blocks, or stress factors, remain inside a range our bodies can oversee, all is well. Yet, when the heap turns out to be more than our bodies can deal with, down come the blocks. This fall is spoken to physically as indications.

New patients start by finishing a nitty gritty patient poll and meeting with the doctor. Lab tests are regularly suggested, as is affectability trying. In the last mentioned, the patient is presented to or infused with low levels of different substances which help to recognize the reason for their affectability.

At the point when the activating operators are pinpointed, the doctor decides an individualized program to enable every patient to accomplish a condition of most extreme wellbeing. This program incorporates instructing patients about their sensitivities, nourishment and ecological exposures and additionally getting them effectively included in their treatment. A few patients additionally get immunotherapy, a particular sort of antibody treatment that may give considerable help.

Ecological solution doctors are constantly growing their insight through research, which is a staple at the center. Over the most recent couple of years, the Center has facilitated explore researchers and specialists from 17 nations for broadened ponders.