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We Organise Awareness Programe On Enviroment & Plantation

The Environmental Awareness Program objective is to create awareness of the conservation and protection of the pristine Himalayan ecosystem. By educating communities these projects emphasize the issues related to the tourism industry regard-ing the environment, conservation and the need for responsible tourism.


Who is your life partner ?

Mom / Dad
Husband /wife
Son / Daughter

Your real life partner
is Your Body

Once your body stops responding no one is with you.

You and your body
stay together from
Birth till Death.

What you do to your
body is your
responsibility and
that will come back
to You.

The more you care
for your body, the
more your body will
care for You.

What you eat,
What you do for being Fit,
How u deal with
How much rest you
give to it..
Will decide how your body gonna respond.

Remember your
body is the only
permanent address
where You live.

Your body is your asset / liabilty, which no one else can share.

Your body is your
You are Your real
life partner.
Be environment friendly save Earth and grow plants
Be Fit forever👍🏼
*Dr. Rajendra Dubey environmentlist